3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Robert Morris vs. St. Francis (IL)
  Date: Nov 03, 2018 • Site: Joliet, Ill.

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Usf 1-10on Usf20Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00.
Usf 1-10on Usf20USF ball on USF35.
Tyler Keene kickoff 57 yards to the RMU8, Brandon James return 14 yards to the RMU22 (Michael Johnson).
Rmu 1-10on Rmu22ROBERT MORRIS drive start at 14:55.
Rmu 1-10on Rmu22Ezekiel Tulloch rush for no gain to the RMU22 (D. Dickinson).
Rmu 2-10on Rmu22Ezekiel Tulloch rush for 8 yards to the RMU30 (Antonio Jameson;Kody Randa).
Rmu 3-2on Rmu30Ezekiel Tulloch rush for 11 yards to the RMU41, 1ST DOWN RMU (Kody Randa).
Rmu 1-10on Rmu41Ezekiel Tulloch rush for 9 yards to the 50 yardline (Kody Randa).
Rmu 2-1on Rmu50Ezekiel Tulloch rush for 23 yards to the USF27, 1ST DOWN RMU, out-of-bounds (Heithon Hurdle).
Rmu 1-10on Usf27Isac Banuelos rush for 1 yard to the USF26 (Tariq Thurman;Kody Randa).
Rmu 2-9on Usf26Quinn Kelly pass incomplete to Michael Berry (Mike Falejczyk), QB hurry by Mike Falejczyk.
Rmu 3-9on Usf26Quinn Kelly pass incomplete to Michael Berry.
Rmu 4-9on Usf26Quinn Kelly pass incomplete to Mike Moss.
 Drive: 9 plays, 52 yards, TOP 4:23
Usf 1-10on Usf26ST. FRANCIS (IL) drive start at 10:32.
Usf 1-10on Usf26Dwayne Milton rush for no gain to the USF26 (S. Thompson).
Usf 2-10on Usf26Don Butkus pass complete to Jusiah Gable for 14 yards to the USF40, 1ST DOWN USF (Justin Olokun).
Usf 1-10on Usf40Dwayne Milton rush for 4 yards to the USF44 (Justin Olokun;Ryan Robinson).
Usf 2-6on Usf44Don Butkus pass incomplete (S. Thompson).
Usf 3-6on Usf44Don Butkus pass incomplete to Jordon Smith, QB hurry by H. Herrington.
Usf 4-6on Usf44Josh Holberry punt 38 yards to the RMU18, downed.
 Drive: 5 plays, 18 yards, TOP 2:07
Rmu 1-10on Rmu18ROBERT MORRIS drive start at 08:25.
Rmu 1-10on Rmu18Quinn Kelly pass incomplete to Omari Ferguson, QB hurry by Kody Randa.
Rmu 2-10on Rmu18Quinn Kelly sacked for loss of 1 yard to the RMU17 (D. Dickinson).
Rmu 3-11on Rmu17Quinn Kelly pass complete to Noah Comerford for 10 yards to the RMU27, out-of-bounds (Dominic Sterr), PENALTY RMU holding (Zach Balentine) 8 yards to the RMU9, NO PLAY.
Rmu 3-19on Rmu09Quinn Kelly rush for 15 yards to the RMU24.
Rmu 4-4on Rmu24Tyler Haase punt 40 yards to the USF36, Justin Bruns return 13 yards to the USF49 (Michael Berry).
 Drive: 3 plays, 6 yards, TOP 1:55
Usf 1-10on Usf49ST. FRANCIS (IL) drive start at 06:30.
Usf 1-10on Usf49Dwayne Milton rush for 4 yards to the RMU47 (S. Mychalczuk).
Usf 2-6on Rmu47Dwayne Milton rush for 5 yards to the RMU42 (Keyon Lansdown;Kareem Hammond).
Usf 3-1on Rmu42Dwayne Milton rush for 3 yards to the RMU39, 1ST DOWN USF (Chris Rocha).
Usf 1-10on Rmu39Don Butkus pass complete to Matt Brachmann for 28 yards to the RMU11, 1ST DOWN USF, out-of-bounds (Brandon James).
Usf 1-10on Rmu11Don Butkus pass complete to Jusiah Gable for 5 yards to the RMU6.
Usf 2-5on Rmu06Dwayne Milton rush for 4 yards to the RMU2 (Kenny Kirkland).
Usf 3-1on Rmu02Don Butkus pass intercepted by Justin Olokun at the RMU0, Justin Olokun return 0 yards to the RMU0 (Zach Buikema), touchback.
 Drive: 7 plays, 49 yards, TOP 3:38
Rmu 1-10on Rmu20ROBERT MORRIS drive start at 02:52.
Rmu 1-10on Rmu20Ezekiel Tulloch rush for 4 yards to the RMU24 (Sandillo Wright;Mason DeLong).
Rmu 2-6on Rmu24Ezekiel Tulloch rush for 3 yards to the RMU27 (Malik Thurman;Heithon Hurdle).
Rmu 3-3on Rmu27Ezekiel Tulloch rush for loss of 3 yards to the RMU24 (Antonio Jameson).
Rmu 4-6on Rmu24Tyler Haase punt 42 yards to the USF34, Justin Bruns return 0 yards to the USF34 (Josiah Bouie), PENALTY USF illegal block (Heithon Hurdle) 10 yards to the USF24, 1st and 10, USF ball on USF24.
 Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 2:17
Usf 1-10on Usf24ST. FRANCIS (IL) drive start at 00:35.
Usf 1-10on Usf24Dwayne Milton rush for 4 yards to the USF28 (Justin Olokun;Chris Rocha).