1st Period Play-by-Play

  Calumet St. Joseph vs. St. Francis (IL)
  Date: 01/20/18 • Site: Joliet, Ill. - Sullivan Center

1st Period Play-by-Play
00:03Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Brooks,Michael
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ramirez,Jose
00:09USFMISSED 3 PTR by Howard, Terrion
  REBOUND (OFF) by Witt, Hayden
00:36USFMISSED 3 PTR by Thornton, Jorden
00:54Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Brooks,MichaelCcsjmb17 44 - USF 33(Ccsjmb17 by 11)
01:09USFGOOD! LAYUP by Hughes, AntonioCcsjmb17 42 - USF 33(Ccsjmb17 by 9)
01:36Ccsjmb17GOOD! JUMPER by Harrison,DevinCcsjmb17 42 - USF 31(Ccsjmb17 by 11)
02:03USFGOOD! JUMPER by Hughes, Antonio (in the paint)Ccsjmb17 40 - USF 31(Ccsjmb17 by 9)
02:28Ccsjmb17GOOD! FT SHOT by Brooks,MichaelCcsjmb17 40 - USF 29(Ccsjmb17 by 11)
02:28USFFOUL by Howard, Terrion (T4P2)
02:28Ccsjmb17GOOD! JUMPER by Brooks,MichaelCcsjmb17 39 - USF 29(Ccsjmb17 by 10)
  ASSIST by Jackson, Garrett
02:49USFGOOD! 3 PTR by Howard, TerrionCcsjmb17 37 - USF 29(Ccsjmb17 by 8)
03:12USFTIMEOUT 30sec
  ASSIST by Harrison,Devin
03:16Ccsjmb17GOOD! 3 PTR by Rushing,RandallCcsjmb17 37 - USF 26(Ccsjmb17 by 11)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Cole,Anthony
03:32Ccsjmb17BLOCK by Ramirez,Jose
03:32USFMISSED LAYUP by Hughes, Antonio
  REBOUND (DEF) by Hughes, Antonio
03:41Ccsjmb17MISSED JUMPER by Ramirez,Jose
  REBOUND (DEF) by Harrison,Devin
03:50USFMISSED 3 PTR by Hughes, Antonio
  ASSIST by Cole,Anthony
04:19Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Ramirez,JoseCcsjmb17 34 - USF 26(Ccsjmb17 by 8)
  ASSIST by Hughes, Antonio
04:42USFGOOD! LAYUP by Thornton, Jorden (fastbreak)Ccsjmb17 32 - USF 26(Ccsjmb17 by 6)
04:47USFSTEAL by Hughes, Antonio
04:48Ccsjmb17TURNOVR by Rushing,Randall
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brooks,Michael
05:00USFMISSED 3 PTR by Thornton, Jorden
  ASSIST by Rushing,Randall
05:17Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Ramirez,JoseCcsjmb17 32 - USF 24(Ccsjmb17 by 8)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Rushing,Randall
05:24USFMISSED JUMPER by Morison, Iain
  REBOUND (DEF) by Thornton, Jorden
05:38Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Harrison,Devin
  ASSIST by Thornton, Jorden
05:55USFGOOD! LAYUP by Morison, IainCcsjmb17 30 - USF 24(Ccsjmb17 by 6)
06:11Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Rushing,RandallCcsjmb17 30 - USF 22(Ccsjmb17 by 8)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Rushing,Randall
06:18Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Ramirez,Jose
06:42USFGOOD! FT SHOT by Witt, HaydenCcsjmb17 28 - USF 22(Ccsjmb17 by 6)
06:42USFGOOD! FT SHOT by Witt, HaydenCcsjmb17 28 - USF 21(Ccsjmb17 by 7)
06:42Ccsjmb17FOUL by Rushing,Randall (T7P2)
06:48Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Brooks,Michael
  ASSIST by Witt, Hayden
07:01USFGOOD! 3 PTR by Hughes, AntonioCcsjmb17 28 - USF 20(Ccsjmb17 by 8)
07:11Ccsjmb17FOUL by Harrison,Devin (T6P1)
  ASSIST by Cole,Anthony
07:29Ccsjmb17GOOD! 3 PTR by Harrison,DevinCcsjmb17 28 - USF 17(Ccsjmb17 by 11)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ramirez,Jose
07:40USFMISSED LAYUP by Hughes, Antonio
  ASSIST by Harrison,Devin
07:57Ccsjmb17GOOD! 3 PTR by Brooks,MichaelCcsjmb17 25 - USF 17(Ccsjmb17 by 8)
  ASSIST by Morison, Iain
08:17USFGOOD! 3 PTR by Hughes, AntonioCcsjmb17 22 - USF 17(Ccsjmb17 by 5)
08:30USFTIMEOUT 30sec
  ASSIST by Cole,Anthony
08:32Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Harrison,Devin (fastbreak)Ccsjmb17 22 - USF 14(Ccsjmb17 by 8)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Rushing,Randall
08:39USFMISSED LAYUP by Hughes, Antonio
  REBOUND (OFF) by Risley, Brett
08:49USFMISSED JUMPER by Howard, Terrion
09:15Ccsjmb17GOOD! FT SHOT by Ramirez,JoseCcsjmb17 20 - USF 14(Ccsjmb17 by 6)
09:15Ccsjmb17MISSED FT SHOT by Ramirez,Jose
09:15USFFOUL by Howard, Terrion (T3P1)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Ramirez,Jose
09:19Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Snowden,Julian
  REBOUND (DEF) by Cole,Anthony
09:29USFMISSED JUMPER by Howard, Terrion
  ASSIST by Ramirez,Jose
09:59Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Harrison,Devin (fastbreak)Ccsjmb17 19 - USF 14(Ccsjmb17 by 5)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ramirez,Jose
10:03USFMISSED JUMPER by Peter, Ryan
10:24Ccsjmb17FOUL by Shannon,Johnte (T5P2)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Thornton, Jorden
10:33Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Ramirez,Jose
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brooks,Michael
10:42USFMISSED 3 PTR by Thornton, Jorden
  REBOUND (OFF) by Parrotta, Thomas
11:02USFMISSED JUMPER by Thornton, Jorden
11:16Ccsjmb17FOUL by Shannon,Johnte (T4P1)
11:17USFSTEAL by Parrotta, Thomas
11:18Ccsjmb17TURNOVR by Snowden,Julian
11:22USFFOUL by Parrotta, Thomas (T2P1)
11:29USFGOOD! JUMPER by Jackson, GarrettCcsjmb17 17 - USF 14(Ccsjmb17 by 3)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Jackson, Garrett
11:34USFMISSED JUMPER by Thornton, Jorden
11:53Ccsjmb17GOOD! JUMPER by Ramirez,JoseCcsjmb17 17 - USF 12(Ccsjmb17 by 5)
12:14USFGOOD! FT SHOT by Morison, IainCcsjmb17 15 - USF 12(Ccsjmb17 by 3)
12:14USFGOOD! FT SHOT by Morison, IainCcsjmb17 15 - USF 11(Ccsjmb17 by 4)
12:14Ccsjmb17FOUL by Trammell,Lazono (T3P1)
  ASSIST by Shannon,Johnte
12:35Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Trammell,LazonoCcsjmb17 15 - USF 10(Ccsjmb17 by 5)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Trammell,Lazono
12:44USFMISSED JUMPER by Hughes, Antonio
  REBOUND (DEF) by Peter, Ryan
13:08Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Snowden,Julian
  REBOUND (DEF) by Trammell,Lazono
13:23USFMISSED JUMPER by Parrotta, Thomas
13:39Ccsjmb17FOUL by Rushing,Randall (T2P1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Morison, Iain
13:54Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Harrison,Devin
  REBOUND (OFF) by Harrison,Devin
13:58Ccsjmb17MISSED LAYUP by Rushing,Randall
14:13USFGOOD! LAYUP by Morison, IainCcsjmb17 13 - USF 10(Ccsjmb17 by 3)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Morison, Iain
14:17Ccsjmb17BLOCK by Trammell,Lazono
14:17USFMISSED JUMPER by Witt, Hayden
14:43Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Rushing,Randall
  REBOUND (DEF) by Rushing,Randall
14:55USFMISSED JUMPER by Witt, Hayden
15:15Ccsjmb17GOOD! 3 PTR by Harrison,DevinCcsjmb17 13 - USF 8(Ccsjmb17 by 5)
  ASSIST by Hughes, Antonio
15:25USFGOOD! DUNK by Morison, IainCcsjmb17 10 - USF 8(Ccsjmb17 by 2)
15:43Ccsjmb17TURNOVR by Rushing,Randall
15:56USFFOUL by Morison, Iain (T1P1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Trammell,Lazono
15:56USFMISSED JUMPER by Witt, Hayden
  REBOUND (DEF) by Witt, Hayden
16:11Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Brooks,Michael
16:27USFMISSED LAYUP by Howard, Terrion
  REBOUND (DEF) by Howard, Terrion
16:34Ccsjmb17MISSED JUMPER by Cole,Anthony
16:48USFGOOD! JUMPER by Morison, Iain (in the paint)Ccsjmb17 10 - USF 6(Ccsjmb17 by 4)
  ASSIST by Ramirez,Jose
17:13Ccsjmb17GOOD! 3 PTR by Harrison,DevinCcsjmb17 10 - USF 4(Ccsjmb17 by 6)
  ASSIST by Thornton, Jorden
17:22USFGOOD! LAYUP by Morison, IainCcsjmb17 7 - USF 4(Ccsjmb17 by 3)
17:46Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Cole,AnthonyCcsjmb17 7 - USF 2(Ccsjmb17 by 5)
17:51Ccsjmb17STEAL by Shannon,Johnte
17:52USFTURNOVR by Witt, Hayden
  ASSIST by Shannon,Johnte
18:06Ccsjmb17GOOD! 3 PTR by Harrison,DevinCcsjmb17 5 - USF 2(Ccsjmb17 by 3)
18:23USFMISSED JUMPER by Morison, Iain
18:23Ccsjmb17FOUL by Ramirez,Jose (T1P1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Howard, Terrion
18:35Ccsjmb17MISSED JUMPER by Harrison,Devin
  REBOUND (OFF) by Harrison,Devin
18:39Ccsjmb17MISSED 3 PTR by Brooks,Michael
  REBOUND (DEF) by Harrison,Devin
18:47USFMISSED JUMPER by Thornton, Jorden
  REBOUND (OFF) by Witt, Hayden
18:52USFMISSED JUMPER by Morison, Iain
  REBOUND (OFF) by Witt, Hayden
19:07USFMISSED 3 PTR by Howard, Terrion
19:28Ccsjmb17GOOD! LAYUP by Ramirez,JoseUSF 2 - Ccsjmb17 2Tied
19:45USFGOOD! JUMPER by Morison, Iain (in the paint)USF 2 - Ccsjmb17 0(USF by 2)