OT2 Period Play-by-Play

  Holy Cross vs. St. Francis (IL)
  Date: 10/25/17  • Site: Joliet, Ill.

OT2 Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [110:00].
[109:55]  Shot by USF Roman, Raul HIGH.
[109:05]  HCCMS substitution: Rubio, Christian for Donoso, Cayetano.
 Foul on Holy Cross.
[107:46]  Yellow card on USF Ndlovu, Kelvin.
 Yellow card charged to the Holy Cross head coach
[107:31]  Yellow card on HCCMS Team.
[107:27]  Yellow card on HCCMS Lynch, Michael.
 Foul on Holy Cross.
[106:27]  USF substitution: Yeaman, Joshua for Martinez, Jose.
[105:43]  Shot by HCCMS Villegas, Davis WIDE.
[105:35]  HCCMS substitution: Villegas, Davis for Souza, Bruno.
[105:35]  Yellow card on USF Martinez, Jose.
[103:53]  USF substitution: Ndlovu, Kelvin for Skrip, Anthony.
[101:10]  Offside against Holy Cross.
 Foul on Holy Cross.
 Start of OT2 period [100:00].