1st Period Play-by-Play

  Davenport (Mich.) vs. St. Francis (IL)
  Date: 09/09/18  • Site: Joliet, Ill.

1st Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [45:00].
[44:45]  Shot by USF Harris, Casey WIDE.
 16 stops hard shot at the goal line
[38:42]  Shot by USF Kotrba, Martina, SAVE TEAM.
[36:37]  DUWS substitution: Danielle McCarty for Katherine Steiner.
[36:37]  USF substitution: Rieker, Hannah for De La Rosa, Olivia.
[35:24]  DUWS substitution: Katlyn Varney for Roheema Bennett.
[34:24]  DUWS substitution: Madelyn Rush for Imanie Richards.
 Corner kick by DUWS Alice Linsell [31:50].
 Foul on Davenport (Mich.).
 Foul on Davenport (Mich.).
[27:49]  DUWS substitution: Alice Linsell for Lauren Peterson.
[27:49]  DUWS substitution: Sabrina Stone for Ashlyn Skidmore.
[27:25]  Shot by USF Pietrowski, Kelli BLOCKED.
 Corner kick by USF Harris, Casey [27:09].
 Corner kick by USF Harris, Casey [26:47].
[26:23]  Shot by USF De La Rosa, Olivia BLOCKED.
[19:21]  Shot by USF Harris, Casey HIGH.
 Foul on Davenport (Mich.).
 *Cross to middle, collected and chipped over the keeper
Davenport (Mich.) 1, St. Francis (IL) 0
[16:14]  GOAL by DUWS Allison Luurtsema (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Ashlyn Skidmore, goal number 1 for season.
 Corner kick by DUWS Ashlyn Skidmore [16:00].
[13:38]  Shot by USF Harris, Casey BLOCKED.
[11:47]  Shot by DUWS Roheema Bennett, SAVE Provo, Ellie.
[11:00]  USF substitution: Pietrowski, Kelli for McDermott, Grace.
[09:33]  Offside against Davenport (Mich.).
[06:59]  Shot by DUWS Katherine Steiner BLOCKED.
[02:30]  Shot by DUWS Ashlyn Skidmore WIDE.
[00:00]  Provo, Ellie at goalie for St. Francis (IL).
[00:00]  Macie DeWyse at goalie for Davenport (Mich.).